The Annual 13th CG black powder shoot was a special event on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. The annual RHLI Association shoot was included for this year as a combined event, to make for an even more interesting time for the participants, with a wide selection of firearms to try. Members of the RHLI Regimental family turned out in strong numbers, with many bringing family and friends to share the day. It made for a good crowd and great camaraderie.

The members of the Ceremonial Guard, with their families and friends assisting greatly, were out in force to provide support staff, along with their .577-calibre muzzle-loading Enfield black powder rifles. Other volunteers provided an eclectic collection of firearms, including pre-WW1 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action 7.62x58 rifles, WW2-era Soviet SKS 7.62x39 semi-automatic rifles, and an assortment of .22-calibre rimfires for some plinking. As well, a very busy 12-gauge skeet range was in action.

The Hamilton Anglers and Hunters Association range in Ancaster provided a terrific venue for the event, through the support of Hon. Lt.-Col. Peter Young and Liz Young, both members of the club. The on-site presence of Liz Young, as head Range Safety Officer, ensured the safe and smooth operation of the ranges. The heated clubhouse and covered ranges provided shelter from the wind and drizzle (and occasional deluge) that marked the day. A noon-time break for a burger and sausage BBQ helped keep spirits and energy levels up.

Some fine shooting took place, and even novices managed some decent targets with the heavy Enfield muzzle-loaders. It was interesting to see shooters getting into the spirit of loading the Enfield, biting off paper cartridge ends, flinging up their ramrods and ramming home the Minie balls. The heavy "thud" of the firing Enfields contrasted with the sharp crack of the more modern pieces.

Finally, as the prizes were handed out, the clouds broke up, ending the day with some glorious sunshine, a good omen for next year!

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